Trailer for Doctor Who series 12

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Doctor Who series 12 Costumes by me.

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Call me Doctor!”>

Next month the showrunner of Doctor Who and the cast and crew involved in the opening episode of series 11, which was filmed and premiered in Sheffield, will receive an honorary doctorate alongside 11 other distinguished recipients and 7,500 students who will collect their degrees at the university’s graduation ceremonies at Sheffield City Hall.

Chris Chibnall was showrunner and executive producer on the series which saw the first female Doctor arrive on our screens in 2018. They will join the likes of Sir Michael Parkinson, Louis Theroux, Sean Bean, Nick Park and Sir Patrick Moore as honorary degree recipients from Sheffield Hallam University.

But what exactly is an honorary doctorate? Technically, an honorary degree is awarded honoris causa, without the need for the usual examinations and dissertations, and may be awarded to those with no prior connection with the University.

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Critics Choice Awards for Fleabag.

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Fleabag Emmy Nominations

Fleabag has been nominated for 11 Emmy’s.
How amazing is that?
The series for Outstanding Comedy Series
Phoebe for writing
Performances from all the women…..hooray.

And how wonderful.

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Fleabag/Where the clothes are from. (Some)

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The Fleabag Jumpsuit

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The Fleabag Jumpsuit is a moment on Twitter

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Bye Fleabag. 👋👋👏🏽🙏

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Fleabag 2 Episode 4

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