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An update to say that THE POWER OF THE DOCTOR will broadcast soon, not sure when but maybe October. I will be teaching for a couple of days at the RWCMD with the new intake of International MA design students. That will be a treat.

Next years work is sorted, I will be designing Jilly Coopers’ Rivals for Disney+ through Little Prince & HTV Studios. This is a big, bold project showing a slice of 1986 as it really was. It’s such an amazing book and the scripts are totally riveting. I will do some soft research before Christmas and then hard prep into filming after the Christmas break. Exciting times ahead.

I’m also in discussion about a Welsh film and those discussions are ongoing but if it really happens for me then it’s a fabulous and amazing design project. More to come on that.

More to come on the Doctor Who Centenary Special as it appears but for now check out the DW Magazine which has some interviews and features about The Special.