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Ray Holman
I am a costume designer.
I have worked on many productions mainly in the UK. But I have also worked in many countries abroad.
This website is an example of some of the work I’ve done, but not all. Please click on the photos in the CV page to see more

I’m not great at updating this website, I’m too busy doing the job but if you require further details please take a look at my CV and also my about page, or contact me or my agent using the contact form.

If you would like information on 500 Reasons please check and most questions will be answered and you can also contact us from there.

Special Notice

I designed creatures and costumes for Doctor Who series 12, 13 and subsequent Specials.

Doctor Who Flux is broadcast and so now The Specials come to broadcast in 2022.

My next project will be Wolf for Hartswood/BBC

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Some of our lovely cast for Rivals which is in production at the moment  


Coming soon to BBC1. Wolf.

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