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My costume stock which I mainly used for Television and Film work has now grown again so I have to take on a new storage facility. I keep on building up the kit. In the hope of becoming more sustainable and helping other productions do the same, I now have all the equipment needed to set up a workroom including industrial machine, over lockers and other machines along with mannequins, dye pots, leather working tools, research equipment, breakdown kit and haberdashery.

Soon I will be moving my stock and equipment to the outskirts of Cardiff to a new purpose designed storage facility with roller doors and hopefully space to set a small show up.

I have always read and collected costume reference books of all kinds along with historic reference books and vintage magazines. I have a big collection which I now store separately because I could no longer fit them in my house.

List of kit, just an example of what I have:-

Iron/board/sleeve board
Steamers both large and small
Sewing Machines
Jewellery cabinets
Printers both large and small one for on set
Stationary including labels and tags, paper.
Rail dividers and cards.
Umbrellas large and small and holders.
Small breaking down kit.
Large breaking down kit.
3 Tier box of Hospital, police and security bits and a flat one with sliders and badges.
Hangers and hanger holder.
Dress bags both long ones and my special shoe bags.
Spare empty big boxes and jewellery boxes.
All accessory boxes including Socks, tights,belts,hats,scarves,gloves, hankies, underwear etc.
Thermal boxes x 5.
Shoe equipment, polishes, insoles and tessa tape.
Haberdashery, tapes and buttons.
Sleeping bags, hot water bottles, hand-warmers etc.
Check bags and a selection of good handbags.
Laundry basket and stuff.
Small selection of dyes mainly reindeer beige, elephant grey and whatever Ive recently bought and some salt etc.
box of warm ladies flat Ugg type boots.
Spectacles metal box only and a stock of specs that stay in store.
Handkerchief and glove boxes.

Hanging Costume Stock:- spares

Warm coats for out of vision.
Men’s and women’s suits, shirts and ties
Men’s and women’s coats and jackets
Police shirts both white and blue with black trousers
Security jumpers all colours and clip on ties
Medical stock, scrubs and tunics and shoes and trousers
Selection of men’s and women’s shoes and boots….smarter ones.
Dressing gowns and nightwear
Selection of casual clothes for men and women like jeans, jumpers, tops.
Children’s clothing.

Loads more including some armour and fantasy costumes.

I can easily use all this as a base to design a modern day series using sustainable and vintage costumes.