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In 2020 I was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the RWCMD. I continue to have a rewarding relationship with both existing students and graduates and help with training and paid work experience as much as possible

Why do I do this job? Because I love it! I like designing costumes, that range from the very best legal drama on the BBC with all it’s highly researched British Legal clothing to a crime drama involving the police and a murder story that captivates the world, to a children’s fantasy adventure series and the latest science fiction or period drama.

Whatever the project, if the script is a good one it will get my attention. I love working with writers, producers, executive producers, actors and guiding my team through the complexities of designing and of making a new production or even improving an existing series. It’s all so exciting, it’s hard work, I work my socks off, but ultimately it is stimulating and rewarding to see the finished thing on the screen. I try to expand my range and like to do a variety of different things. I love the collaboration most of all and knowing when you’ve achieved the vision of a writer or helped an actor with their performance through the costume design is wonderful. It’s just as stimulating to research the correct procedure and clothing for a military court martial as it is to research the behaviour of a particular time in history and how it affected the way people dressed. Contemporary research is just as rewarding, looking at the way a gang on an estate will behave and how it affects the way they dress is fascinating and looking for inspiration to do creative designs for fantasy and science fiction is so stimulating

This is the factual bit:

Among the broadcasters I have worked for are the BBC, Granada, Carlton, Yorkshire Television, Coastal Productions, Kudos, ITV, HTV, Two Brothers Films, Sister Pictures, Sundance TV and AMC. My credits include the TV series Wizards Vs Aliens, Silk, Law and Order UK, Fast Freddie the Widow and Me, Sarah Jane Adventures, Coma Girl, Sherlock(Pilot), Torchwood 1,2 and Children of Earth, Doctor Who (series 5 Matt Smith), Place of Execution and Sea of Souls. I have also designed three series of Broadchurch, Code of a Killer, Apple Tree Yard, Liar and The Split to add to my social conscience drama.
After designing series 9 of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi, I am returning to design series 11 with Jodie Whittaker.
I was nominated for a Royal Television Society award for This is Personal-The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper in 2000 and won a Bafta Cymru best costume design for Torchwood in 2008. Also nominated for a Bafta Cymru Best Costume for Torchwood 2 in 2009 and 2010 also for Wizards Vs Aliens in 2013 and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2017. In 2020 I was nominated for an award at the Costume Designers Guild in America for Best Contemporary Costume:Fleabag.

My filming kit ranges from warm up coats to rails and all other equipment (see facilities page) which I still have and use on the productions I design.

Soon I will be moving my whole costume stock to a new storage place on the outskirts of Cardiff which will give me more space and is also powered by green energy.

Should you require further details please contact me or my agent using the contact form.