Ray Holman

I am a costume designer for film, television and theatre. I have worked on many productions mainly in the UK. But I have also worked abroad including in Jamaica, Spain, France, Croatia, Canada, The Canary Islands and Italy, filming.
This website is an example of some of the work I’ve done, but not all. Please click on the photos in the CV page to see more

Should you require further details please take a look at my CV and also my about page, or contact me or my agent using the contact form.

On the BBC – What’s it like to be a Doctor Who costume designer?

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Broadchurch 3

ITV1, Monday February 27th. Enjoy if you can.

The Split

From BAFTA and Primetime Emmy award-winning writer Abi Morgan (River, Suffragette, The Hour) and BAFTA winning executive producer Jane Featherstone (Broadchurch, River, Humans) comes The Split, a new original drama series for BBC ONE produced by Sister Pictures. The Split examines the fast paced circuit of high-powered female divorce lawyers through the lens of three sisters – Hannah, Nina and the youngest, Rose. Hannah and Nina are leading divorce and family law lawyers working for rival firms, whilst Rose is still searching for her place in life. Creator and writer Abi Morgan said: “As Robin Williams once said ‘Divorce is expensive…Like ripping your heart out through your wallet.’ The Split exposes the complex realities of high end divorce and broken marriage through female divorce lawyers and sisters embattled and bound by their own troubled past. I am delighted to be working with the aptly named Sister Pictures, continuing the creative partnership Jane Featherstone and I built together on Tsunami, The Hour and River. I can’t think of a better home for it than with Charlotte Moore and Lucy Richer and am delighted to bring this lively and unseen world to the BBC.” The Split is set in London, the divorce capital of the world, where competition for clients is fierce. Over the course of the series personal and professional lives intertwine as we encounter a surprising array of cases, scandalous affairs and big figure settlements in a drama that examines the very fabric of 21st century marriage, the meaning of commitment and the nature of the ever-changing idea of family. Jane Featherstone, Executive Producer and Founder of Sister Pictures, said: “I couldn’t be happier that Sister Pictures’ first green-light is a fabulous Abi Morgan series […]

My Design Decisions

In 2012, 2 years after I designed the first series of Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith I was asked to design a new series called Broadchurch starring David Tennent and Olivia Colman, it was hard to make, emotional and I was completely involved with all the characters.  It was a huge hit, we didn’t know it would be, but I had also said that I would do three series, the trilogy that Chris Chibnall had in his head. In the meantime, I had been making what I would call my social conscience drama. Things like, Silk, Law and Order and Code of a Killer. These dramas deal with controversial things like gang rape, racism, misogyny, false arrest and miscarriages of justice, they deal with human things and reflect the society we live in. I love that. I also kept my hand in with Wizards Vs Aliens, so a little bit of fantasy with green screen and adventurous characters and then returning to do the 10th series of Doctor Who with Peter. I loved every minute of that series and intended to go back and make another series. Straight after the Who Festival I started designing Apple Tree Yard which was another one of my social conscience pieces but this one was based on a best selling novel, I loved it and I felt like I had the best of both worlds. Then we realised that the dates for Doctor Who and the final instalment of Broadchurch were going to collide. I had to make a big decision and that decision wasn’t the obvious one. I had to go back to 2012 and remember the vow I made to see the Broadchurch trilogy through and the […]