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Here’s hoping everyone has a good 2023.

For me 2022 was mixed, we made a brand new series called Wolf which will broadcast in 2023 sometime.
I saw the last of the Doctor Who broadcast Specials go out marking the end of Jodie’s Doctor and the start of the new Who which you will see sometime in the future. Leaving or not continuing with Who is a big psychological move and it’s taken a while to readjust but I hope I’m getting there. It’s a relief getting back to costume Designing without the responsibility of designing creatures, I loved it but doing it in a global stage is hard especially when you have a little imposters syndrome.

Costume Designing is still my first love and I’m looking forward to continuing with some exciting projects.
The costume store is working well, it enhances my work and I am able to help others too.

In 2023 I will be designing Rivals which is a series based on Jilly Coopers novel of the same title. It’s set in 1986 and I have the most amazing and diverse team, it’s going to be dynamic I hope and we are all really looking forward to making this spectacular series.

I will eventually talk more about the Doctor Who Specials if people need to know about the costumes and creatures, I have been waiting for the surrounding excitement to settle, maybe it never will but here’s wishing the future is bright.

I graduated in person into my Honorary Fellowship role at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and continue to have and to foster close ties with the collected through some teaching and some work experience opportunities for design students.

I have also joined The Costume Society as an Executive Officer and am just settling into this role. I hope I can help any costume students through academic and practical advice and also bring some diversity to the society.

Best Wishes,