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I had to make a sad decision between two of my best loved programmes, Broadchurch and Doctor Who.

Four years ago I told the Broadchurch executives I would do the new series with them, it was a trilogy, a story about a community dealing with the murder of a child. In the meantime, lots has happened, I have designed Silk, Wizards Vs Aliens, Code of a Killer and I went back to design another series of Who.

And so, the two programmes have collided, both being shot at the same time this year, I thought that I may possibly be able to do both together, but that’s not fair on either myself or each of the programmes. They are both great but in very different ways and they both have the best, amazing cast and crew.

The decision is made and it isn’t a career move, but I feel I cannot let go of Broadchurch, it’s the last series and I want to be the designer who did the whole lot. I have just had a brilliant year designing Doctor Who and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it was amazing, but I have to honour my past commitments and finish Broadchurch.

What a heart breaking decision to have to make, it’s done, I’m designing Broadchurch and so far everyone understands the choice and the decision. This doesn’t mean I will never design Who again,I would have done it this year if I wasn’t already committed, I hope Who asks me to return at some point. Broadchurch is all me, it’s a hand crafted, brilliantly conceived and subtlety designed piece which I cannot let go and I have to finish.

Now time to breath!