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Peak Practice VIII, IX & X

I think I designed 56 episodes of Peak Practise for Carlton and ITV in total. I was asked to do series 1 and couldn’t, I eventually got to work on it though. A popular drama series about Doctors, set in the Peak District. In it’s day it commanded audiences of over 10,000,000 a week, but … Continued

By | June 30, 2000 |  Blog

Chewing the Fat

Well I designed the original series of Chewing The Fat and it went on for a good few more series with those costumes. I was eventually re-united with Ford and Greg on Still Game where they wrote and played Jack and Victor, classic cult comedy.

By | June 30, 1998 |  Blog

Vanity Fair

So for this I looked after the military costumes especially those involved in the battle of Waterloo. We took it to Bruges to shoot with all the various regiments and armies.

By | June 30, 1998 |  Blog