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I am excited to be asked to attend Gally One this year and will be there mid February. It seems that every other year I was invited, I suddenly got busy and so couldn’t attend. The lovely organisers have been patient though and so I was really surprised to be asked again this year. Obviously I am not busy, so hooray.
The idea I am talking on a stage in front of so many Doctor Who fans is slightly terrifying but I have been reassured that everyone is very kind and encouraging and so I’m really looking forward to it.
This also means I’ve had to do a bit of swotting up and to revisit work long forgotten. My work in the Whoniverse includes


Blink & Turn Left

DW series 5

Sarah Jane Adventures (The last two episodes only)

DW series 9

DW series 11, 12, 13 (Flux),

3 x Dalek New Year Specials

Easter Special

The Power of The Doctor

It’s a lot to remember and added to that I have designed and redesigned some new and classic creatures during my time.

This means I’ve been going through old images even those I took before iPads existed  it’s been a search and an adventure which has taken me through the ups and downs of working on the series and it’s been a bit overwhelming, making me dream about Doctor Who again after 2 years of not being there. What an honour though!

I hope if any Gally One attendees are interested in costume they will come and see me, say hello and hear about some of my best experiences while designing this amazing series.

Here are a couple of images from so many: