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It was with great pleasure I attended the world’s’ biggest Doctor Who convention in LA this last weekend and was welcomed by a huge positive group of fans. I did 3 main stage events, one about my career and how I became a designer, one commentary on The Village of the Angels and another called Ray Holman in depth with lots of visuals. This one talked about my wider time on Who from first episodes to Jodie’s era. We ran out of time and couldn’t talk about half the things we had planned and didn’t touch on creatures so maybe there will be another opportunity to do that. Thank you to Amanda Rae Prescott and Piers Britton for guiding me through the interviews.
I met so many amazing people with so much enthusiasm, all I can say is Thank You for restoring my faith in myself and my time on Who and for being so encouraging. Here’s a little montage of some people I met.