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Hey good people,

My friend Joe Sims is launching a really lovely scheme where 500 people give £1 a week and EVERY WEEK they use the £500 towards a good cause of our choice.

I am one of the administrators of this scheme and can add you to the page if you would like to join.

If you sign up to give your £1, you are able to nominate who the £500 might go to, so you can help support causes that are important to you. The causes can be anything from an individual in need to a charity or an organisation and they roll over each week.

If you want to get involved, please just send me a message and I will get in touch via direct message with the details on how to set up your direct debit and invite you to the group where you can hear about the weekly good causes.

Hurry because the first week is next week. Lets do something good and nice once a week.
Please help if you can.