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The year started in a very busy way. We were filming Liar and travelling all around the UK, from Brockley to Tollesbury to Edinburgh and what a brilliant series that wa to work on, a brilliant and lovely cast, my lovely team and he best production team ever. It was hard work but it was a great experience. When he series was broadcast in the Autumn it tried te nation.

In January we saw Apple Tree Yard broadcast on BBC 1 which also shocked but showcased the talents of Jess Hobbs the director and Emily Watson.

In February we saw Broadchurch 3 and I’m so proud to have designed the trilogy, what an achievement with brilliant writers and a wonderful collective cast.

We finished Liar in March but we’re back to work on The Split written by Abi Morgan. This multilayered 6 part drama kept me really busy until October, I can’t say much about it until you see it in the spring of 2018 and I think it’s gong to be amazing.

While doing The Split, I was also working on the reveal for the new Doctor, we filmed the reveal in secret of course and it was shown on BBC 1 after the mens singles final at Wimbledon, it was the lovely Jodie and by this time we were in discussion about her costume for the 13th Doctor. That was revealed at the end of October. We will talk more about that when we broadcast in 2018, be patient.

And in October started working on series 11 of Doctor Who, home again after a very busy year. And so to secrecy while this new series is made. Last night you saw the Regeneration into the new Doctor, be patient, be discreet, and wait for the new series, avoid spoilers and you will have a lovely treat.

Onto 2018 and I am consumed by Who…..

See you later in the year, until then I wish everyone a joyful 2018, be happy, be kind, never be cruel…… paraphrase