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Who really looks here?

Should I start blogging regularly, would anyone notice my costume and satirical musings?

I’m pondering. Sometimes I can’t talk so frankly about what I’m up to at a particular moment but it may be useful for me to start talking about how I do my job and the process and the day to day, week to week pleasures and stresses.

I’m going to think on this one.

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Doctor Who Villa Diodati

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Fleabag. CDGA nomination. Evening photos.

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Doctor Who/Ruth/The Judoon, Gat and Jack ❤️

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Doctor Who/Tesla

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Doctor Who

Rather thrilled at how The Dregs worked out after loads of hard work.
Fabrication by Robert Allsopp
5 x physical costumes made.
Remote control and dressing by the costume department 👏🏽👏🏽

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Critics Choice Awards/Winners Announced


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CDGA 2010. Contemporary Costume Design. Fleabag.

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Fleabag/Golden Globes

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Doctor Who/Spyfall

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