The Pact BBC One/Lionsgate

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The Pact

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The Pact. BBC Wales & BBC One

Coming Soon

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Revolution of the Daleks

Coming Soon to BBC 1.

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Thank You Bafta Cymru/Fleabag.

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It’s been a very strange time for our industry in Lockdown, we have all stopped, we are available in a way we have never been before and as a result of this, I’ve done a lot of podcasts and talking about myself and a lot of guidance through zoom with students and industry professionals. It’s been a remarkable time and I’ve been busy but I haven’t been earning money.

I am about to return to work on The Pact which was one day away from filming when Lockdown happened and luckily through the hard work of the producers it didn’t fold and disappear. I will go back to prep mid August and it will film until the end of November and I’m thrilled because we have a full set of rewritten scripts and I have a brilliant team, it’s a lovely project which I hope will keep people gripped throughout and it’s a woman led cast, glorious actors all of them.

As far as my other series goes, yes I will designing costumes and creatures for series 13 but I can’t say anything about it because people will assume timelines and post assumed information, so I will be keeping quiet about that until it’s made.

The result of all this is that I may start to upgrade the website and also I may start talking more about my life, not only in costume but my past life and how I ended up where I am. This may take the form of regular blog updates or I may take longer between posts as I get busier but I’m thinking about it and how I should present myself.

I like social media and I have liked [...]

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Honorary Fellowship RWCMD

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Podcast for Angels the Costumiers.

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Corgi Knitwear HRH Princess Anne

We launched the new knitwear range as worn by the Doctor. This coincided with a visit to Corgi by HRH Princess Anne as Patron of the Fashion and Textile Industry in Wales.

The visit was relaxed and informative. The factory is a fascinating place to visit and Chris and Lisa made everyone so welcome. They presented HRH with a scarf and some socks from the Who range. There will be more.
The Who range consists of jumpers in two colours with the rainbow stripes which are made from Cashmere and Cotton. This makes them expensive but completely screen accurate, they are made with care and artistry by people who earn a proper wage, so ethically too.
The socks are available in Cashmere and some in cotton so in different price ranges. Some economical and some more pricey.
The scarves are also made from Cashmere and some are wool.

So save up for that special moment, enjoy the range, it’s something very special and I’m very proud we licensed it in Wales. 🙏👏🏽

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Episode 9 Doctor Who. Images. A bit late.

The CyberWarriors appear for the first time along with Ko Sharmus and Ravio (Julie Graham).

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