Critics Choice Awards for Fleabag.


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Fleabag Emmy Nominations

Fleabag has been nominated for 11 Emmy’s.
How amazing is that?
The series for Outstanding Comedy Series
Phoebe for writing
Performances from all the women…..hooray.

And how wonderful.

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Fleabag/Where the clothes are from. (Some)

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The Fleabag Jumpsuit

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The Fleabag Jumpsuit is a moment on Twitter

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Bye Fleabag. 👋👋👏🏽🙏

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Fleabag 2 Episode 4

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Fleabag 2.


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Fleabag 2 is being broadcast….

on BBC1, BBC3 and Amazon Prime to great critical acclaim. Enjoy the writing but also enjoy the costumes, there’s a lovely variety to see.

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500 Reasons

If anyone would like information about 500 Reasons please check out



We can answer most questions there and you can read how to set up a group and also contact us through the comments page and E-Mail address.

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