Honorary Fellowship RWCMD

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Podcast for Angels the Costumiers.

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Corgi Knitwear HRH Princess Anne

We launched the new knitwear range as worn by the Doctor. This coincided with a visit to Corgi by HRH Princess Anne as Patron of the Fashion and Textile Industry in Wales.

The visit was relaxed and informative. The factory is a fascinating place to visit and Chris and Lisa made everyone so welcome. They presented HRH with a scarf and some socks from the Who range. There will be more.
The Who range consists of jumpers in two colours with the rainbow stripes which are made from Cashmere and Cotton. This makes them expensive but completely screen accurate, they are made with care and artistry by people who earn a proper wage, so ethically too.
The socks are available in Cashmere and some in cotton so in different price ranges. Some economical and some more pricey.
The scarves are also made from Cashmere and some are wool.

So save up for that special moment, enjoy the range, it’s something very special and I’m very proud we licensed it in Wales. 🙏👏🏽

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Episode 9 Doctor Who. Images. A bit late.

The CyberWarriors appear for the first time along with Ko Sharmus and Ravio (Julie Graham).

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Blog/Can you hear me?

Who really looks here?

Should I start blogging regularly, would anyone notice my costume and satirical musings?

I’m pondering. Sometimes I can’t talk so frankly about what I’m up to at a particular moment but it may be useful for me to start talking about how I do my job and the process and the day to day, week to week pleasures and stresses.

I’m going to think on this one.

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Doctor Who Villa Diodati

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Fleabag. CDGA nomination. Evening photos.

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Doctor Who/Ruth/The Judoon, Gat and Jack ❤️

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Doctor Who/Tesla

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Doctor Who

Rather thrilled at how The Dregs worked out after loads of hard work.
Fabrication by Robert Allsopp
5 x physical costumes made.
Remote control and dressing by the costume department 👏🏽👏🏽

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